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I’ve sat here for a few minutes, staring at the screen, trying to come up with something coherent, intelligent, adhering to the rules of the english language, anything. and I’m having trouble doing that.

I’m pretty much in a state of shock. Everything I just saw has so completely knocked me on my ass, I won’t even try to give you some sort of review. I can only suggest that you go see this movie.

To try and give you an idea: I was so completely gripped, so completely engaged in the movie, I could not move for the last hour and a half. I sat, mouth agape, goosebumps all over, arms limp.

Maybe one or two observations: (I won’t give anything away)

  • I had purposely avoided all media related to the movie prior to seeing it. However I had gathered a few things based on the one trailer I saw, and one story about the technology.
  • It went far beyond what I had guessed was going to happen.
  • The main action scene that has been hyped is, in my opinion, probably the greatest special effect acheivements in a movie, ever.
  • I am so completely dissapointed and dissolutioned with Star Wars now it’s not even funny. (I may even consider selling my Darth Vader, okay maybe not)
  • Seriously, first the Lord of the Rings, and now this? My new rankings:
    1. The Matrix
    2. Lord of the Rings
    3. Star Wars
  • The soundtrack, once again, is awesome.
  • If there was ever a sci-fi movie that was not a sci-fi movie (as I was trying to explain to a co-worker yesterday) this is it.

That’s all I can give right now. I’m going to see it again soon. Anybody want to go?

Some people from college will remember this, but when the original Matrix came out, I saw it right away (almost by accident) and then proceeded to see it about 8-10 times in the theatre as I went along with different groups of friends. I could definately see that happening again.

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