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Answers from the weekend

yeti_water.jpg Well almost a whole week has passed since my last gripping update, and I bet one or two people are wondering how it all went…

Overall it was a very nice weekend, although too short. I wish I could’ve spent a week or two hanging out with my lady and my puppy.

And to answer the questions from the last post:

  • The ice was off the lake
  • I fully entered the very cold water, and my skin burned for 20 minutes after I got out.
  • I shot a 52 at Pecks Wildwood.. not too bad (for me)
  • Yeti loved the water, and after walking right off the end of the dock (she thought it was shallow, I suppose) figured out how to swim right away
  • All I have to say is, 659.5 miles, 13.4 gallons, 49.1mpg

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