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What’s Happening To My Twins?

minnesota.gifWhat has happened to my Twins? They were crusing along, winning games, and generally in command of things. Then I made the fateful remark to a friend that hopefully the Twins would be 10 games up by the all-star break and we could cruise to the playoffs.

How wrong was I?

Terry Ryan goes and shoots his mouth off, Latroy and Eddie go and shoot their mouths off. And we’ve been in a downward spiral ever since. Something like 5 – 19 in our last 24 games.

The All-star Break is coming up, and a few of our deserving players didn’t get picked (Torii Hunter?) Maybe, just maybe a little rest and a renewed focus will help us turn it around. Maybe we need to make some trades and put some players in positions where they can excel?

There is still a lot of baseball left to be played.

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