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Everyone is looking at me.

I’m posting this because it’s much too long to read at work, and I want to check it out later. But it looks excellent.

Reason: Suspected Terrorist: Multimillionaire John Gilmore is suing the government to remain anonymous. Is this the last stand for privacy?

Why not, indeed? The world does not indulge those who refuse to flash identification when asked. Earlier that week, I was purchasing my first cell phone. Bursting with bile over such intrusive requests because I’d been researching the Gilmore case, I frostily walked out of one Cingular store after the clerk demanded my Social Security number and couldn’t even tell me why. She just blandly, coldly repeated: “It’s a necessary part of the form.”

At Rainbow, I always tell them “I forgot my card.” At TJ Maxx, refuse your phone number. At Best Buy, make up a Zip Code. Trust me, when you begin to realize the scope of the data that everyone is collecting, it’s scary.

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