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I just came across this really interesting article in Psychology Today entitled: A Brand New You

It isn’t specifically about Apple, but just about branding in general. I’m as much of a slave to the marketers as anyone. VW and Apple? Come on A.J.!

Apple Computer doesn’t create new family members so much as brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Presenting itself as the anti-IBM, Apple is the computer for those who shun the domineering image of “Big Blue.” This approach can be traced from the historic “1984” television ad that depicted Macintosh computers as a tool to fight Orwellian oppression caused by widespread PC use (aired just once, during the 1984 Superbowl, but still considered one of the most successful ads ever) to its recent showcasing of computer owners who have made the switch from PCs and the Windows operating system. Apple presents itself as unique. It invites users to think of themselves as revolutionary–even though, by buying and supporting Apple, they’re really just responding to another marketer’s push.

(emphasis mine)

The article also calls to mind a quote from one of my favorite movies, High Fidelity:

“A while back, Dick, Barry and I agreed that what really matters is WHAT you like, not what you ARE like. Books, records, films ˝ these things matter! Call me shallow, itÝs the fucking truth.”

Seriously though, when you get to know someone, what’s the first thing you talk about. What kind of music you like, what books you’ve read, what car you drive, what computer you use. It’s not a good thing to be caught up in products as a fulfillment of your life, but it almost seems that companies that do an effective job of marketing are actually helping people of like minds get together… Even if we’re all being duped into thinking that we’re different than everyone else.

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