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Baseblogs – Obsessive fans track the national pastime on the Web. By Josh Levin

This is a fun article that talks about the proliferation of blogs dedicated to baseball. A subject near and dear to my heart. The author also gives some major props to some of my “hometown blogs”. In fact about two paragraphs of this story are dedicated to the Twinkies. Two of my favorite sites: Twins Geek (now hosted at the Startribune website) and Aaron’s Baseball Blog, both of which I have mentioned here before.

If you like baseball, to the point where you have a hard time getting enough news about your favorite team, check out this article. You could also jump to Baseball Blogs for a listing of most of the “A-List” baseball blogs.

BTW, Twins take on Cleveland tonight @ 7:05PM. And damn it all to hell!, it’s not on television. I’ll be tuning into the Dazzle Man (Dan Gladden), John Gordon and Herb Carneal.

I want to make a sign to bring to the dome: “IF THE TWINS PLAY, AND IT’S NOT ON TELEVISION, DOES IT REALLY HAPPEN?”

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