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Ethanol, Biodiesel

Also in the Star Tribune today, an article about Gov. Pawlenty’s proposed mandate that the gasoline in Minnesota contain twice as much Ethanol as it does today. This would help reduce our dependence on oil, while at the same time bolstering Minnesota’s corn farmers.

Everyone’s favorite critic of progress, Rep. Krinke of Shoreview, has a brilliant quote, saying that Ethanol subsidies and mandates requiring Ethanol in gasoline, are

“worst of both worlds from a free-market perspective.”

Remember, Krinke is probably the biggest critic of the Hiawatha Light Rail line in the world, and apparently wants the “free-market” to simply sort things out here.

As far as I’m concerned, anything that makes cars cleaner, and reduces our dependence on oil is a good thing, be it LRT, ethanol, etc.

Unfortunately there was scant mention of BioDiesel in the article, and while Minnesota does have a proposal/mandate to have all the Diesel in the state be 2% BioDiesel by 2006, there are a number of provisions that will cause the mandate to not go into effect if they are not met.

Namely, some number of gallons (8 million? I forget… doesn’t really matter) of the BioDiesel must be produced in the state before 2006, and the last figure I saw suggested we were not terribly close to meeting that goal.

So Gov. Pawlenty, I don’t agree with you on much, but congratulations on pushing forward clean technologies for vehicles in our state. A state that mandates clean technologies for it’s energy usage is a state that I am proud of.

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