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Well, lo and behold, someone egged my car last night. Perhaps I dredged up some bad karma by calling Bush supporters fools in my previous post. On the other hand, I doubt the teenage pricks that egged my car read my blog. I don’t think I’m doing a good job reaching that demographic here.

So I spent most of lunch washing the side of the car, and I thought I had it looking all nice and clean. On the way back to work, I had the windows down, feeling the breeze. In the parking lot, windows up… ewwwww! More egg on the window! It must’ve seeped down inside the window a bit.


So maybe I’ll see if I can put my iSight camera to good work, I think there is some motion-sensitive recording software! I could catch the little buggers on video!

Ah, well, I probably won’t get around to that. Twins game tonight!

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