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Total Hard Drive Space On My Desk

This is not to brag or anything, but I just noticed that the amount of hard drive space, that I have currently have sitting on my desk, is absolutely staggering.

First, a little history:

  • My family’s first computer, a 386sx/16, had a 40MB hard drive in it. This was about 1991.
  • Then we got a Pentium-60 in 1995 and that had a 500MB hard drive.
  • I switched over to the Mac when I went to college (1996), and the drive that came with that was 800MB, I think..
  • Then I bought a Blue and White G3 Tower (99? I forget), with a 6GB hard drive.
  • After the Blue and White came my current Powerbook (2003), 80 GB drive.

Now, with the new drive I just bought tonight, I have sitting on my desk, in various computers and iPods and external drives, 789GB of Hard drive space.

789GB! To put that into perspective a bit, in terms of my family’s original computer, I have about 20,000 times as much storage space now. The concept of lots and lots of hard drive space in and of itself is not foreign to me, I’m around this stuff all the time, but to think of how this has progressed in the past 10 years, is just crazy.

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