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Call first?

I always think it’s weird to call a store, and then show up later asking about the same thing. Especially if you know that there is just one employee there. Does their impression of the man on the phone match your description. Did my guess live up? How many people call asking the same question?
How much do you pay for The X-Files Soundtrack in good condition? What is the soup of the day? Do you have those shoes in a 44? Do you still have the Pumpkin Spice Latte? I’m looking for something to block the air coming under our front door, do you have those? Do you sell compost bins?

It’s especially funny to make the call when you have absolutely know idea how to purchase the item you are after. We’re going to buy new windows at some point. My phone calls surrounding the subject have been very odd.
Enough procrastinating, I have a few calls to make.

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