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Bike Fixtation is a cyclists dream vending machine

Sonja told me about this the other day, but I didn’t realize that there was only one in the whole country! Anyway, pretty cool and another reason why minneapolis is such a great bike town!

Emilia and I did all of our errands via bike + bike trailer yesterday. Hardware store, veggie pick-up, lunch.

Bike Fixtation is a cyclists dream vending machine: “Bike Fixtation kiosks are rare. In fact, they’re so rare that only one (located in the Uptown Transit Station in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metropolitan area) exists in the U.S. However, Bike Fixtation inventors Chad De Baker and Alex Anderson are trying to pitch the cyclists’ dream vending machine to cities, organizations and individuals across the nation. Pair these up with some carsharing and public transportation offerings, and you’ve got yourself quite the non-traditional mobility options.”

(Via AutoblogGreen.)

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