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the apple (store) experience

I used to loathe going to the apple store. I feel as though I know one or two things about technology, and I felt the apple store employees were unwilling to acknowledge that and treat me like an advanced user.

Recently I’ve noticed a change, the last few experiences were very pleasant. I’m not sure if new training occurred for the employees, but the employees I have worked with are quick to assess my skill level and respond appropriately.

Over the past month, my iPhone’s home button stopped responding consistently. This morning, I made a genius bar appointment (via the Apple Store app), came in, was promptly helped, she quickly verified the problem, and I walked out with a new / (refurbished?) iPhone within 10 minutes.

To make the whole process even smoother, after syncing my phone, it’s as if nothing ever changed. It’s set up exactly as it was before. (I did have to enter numerous passwords for all of the cloud-synced services)

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  1. I haven’t been in lately, but I had an iPod that wouldn’t charge. I had tried charging via computer, via the wall, it just wouldn’t even acknowledge it was plugged in. I made a genius appointment, brought it in, and he’s like well, let me try plugging it in here to the USB cause it has more juice. I’m thinking more than straight to the wall? Idiot. After 15 minutes he acknowledged it wouldn’t charge. Frustrating to be treated like an idiot.

    Codi12/23/2011 @ 12:30 pm

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