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Today I Ate Chipotle

Around 3pm a co-worker waltzed into my office and said in a low voice, “Chipotle is giving away free burritos tonight, 5-6:30.”

My stomach became instantly happy.

@ 4:59PM I logged off, packed up and headed out the door. Chipotle’s new location is about halfway between work and home, so about 3 minutes later I arrived at the front door of Chipotle. Sure enough, they were giving away free burritos to train their employees in. (And it’s also a brilliant marketing move, as I watched car after car drive past, look at the line that now went out the door and into the parking lot, and vow to themselves to come back later)

The employees were off-the-hook cheer, almost creepily cheery. But that’s okay, there were free burritos to be had.

While in line, I had a good conversation with two early college students about the candidate, imploring them to do some more research.

When I got to the line I ordered my now customary, barbacoa with black beans, some hot, some corn salsa, and guacamole. Actually I’m usually 50/50 on the guac because it’s an absurd $1.25 extra, but tonight it was free. And it was good.

Wrapping technique was fair… I had my first PBM (partial burrito meltdown) in about a year and a half. But it was partly my fault as well. Kind of like the pitcher with a suspect defense behind him. The pitcher has the make a good pitch, and the defense has to back him up.

Anyways, it was excellent, they’re doing the free burrito thing tomorrow as well, and as such, I will be there.

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