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Apple In Talks with Vivendi re: Universal?

Since everyone and their dog has linked to this…

Apple understands digital media far better than the current record companies. People want fast, easy downloads for a reasonable price. (Let’s say 50 cents a track, or a flat fee per month) Apple has the people that can weave an interface right into iTunes that would make this all seemless.

At the right price, it becomes an issue where you wouldn’t ever bother downloading gigs and gigs of music to your computer. If there was a monthly fee, and any time you wanted a song, you could just download it in 15 seconds, why bother keeping 60 gigs of music on your computer when it’s all on the network?

There are some very intersting possibilities..

New switch commercials: “I’m Dr. Dre and I’m a hip-hop artist”

“Radio Stations” in iTunes showcasing the Universal catalog. Able to click-buy the track or CD right in iTunes.

An immediate “in” on the production side, Apple Hardware, Software in the recording studio.

An Apple Logo on every CD? That sure would build some mindshare.

250 free songs on every new Macintosh?

But who knows. I’m just pulling that stuff out of my butt. Does Apple really want to get into a completely different business?

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