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{ Monthly Archives } August 2004

Tiring of Politics

If I have any readers left after the past couple weeks of very few updates, here’s what I’m thinking… I’m tired. I’m just worn out from the past month of nonsensical political madness. And I don’t want to get drawn into the stupid bickering about Kerry’s Vietnam Service, who’s more rich, etc. When we’re talking […]

John Kerry on The Daily Show

John Kerry on The Daily Show was not bad like they made it out in Slate. For a much more even-handed review, see this article in the Washington Post.

New Theory Regarding Cell Phones

I have a new theory to put forward. (Or is it hypothesis? Anyway.) People with exceptionally loud ring tones also talk far louder on their phones than they need to. I have only anecdotal eveidence at this point, but further research will be necessary. What do you think?

Get On To The Bus

I have been severly slacking on my posting as of late… I rode the bus this morning to work. Inspired by the movie that Sonja and I saw over the weekend, Super Size Me. Super Size Me was an excellent movie. I’ve heard more than once that, “Well, duh! Of course if you eat McDonalds […]

Latest Terror Alert

Remember the “Boy who cried wolf”? Article from the Washington Post: Pre-9/11 Acts Led To Alerts More than half a dozen government officials interviewed yesterday, who declined to be identified because classified information is involved, said that most, if not all, of the information about the buildings seized by authorities in a raid in Pakistan […]

The Case Against George W. Bush, by Ron Reagan

Via Popdex I found this article written by Ron Reagan. I didn’t see his speech at the Democratic National Convention, except for the clip on The Daily Show which made it out to be a bit of a bore. This article, however is an excellent, point-by-point disection of Bush’s presidency. If you can come with […]