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Why Privacy Matters

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The Web We Lost – Anil Dash

The Web We Lost – Anil Dash: “This isn’t some standard polemic about ‘those stupid walled-garden networks are bad!’ I know that Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and LinkedIn and the rest are great sites, and they give their users a lot of value. They’re amazing achievements, from a pure software perspective. But they’re based […]

Controlling your words

We need to use the Internet itself as social media. Then you won’t have to worry about Facebook putting their finger on the scale.: “Last night I was watching football on one of the big networks. It was a boring game so my mind drifted. I noticed that when they show the name of someone […]

on social networking

I watched the TED talk “Beware The Filter Bubble” by Eli Pariser recently. His basic premise is that with all of the algorithmic filtering and recommending that is happening on the internet, your online world is being narrowed in a way that prevents you from learning about alternative views and ideas. He makes a very […]


i just went through my facebook “friends” and removed some people. it’s nothing personal, i just think that friend should mean something… and maybe that something is that we’ve actually spoken in the past 10 years? “spoken” could even mean that we chat with instant messaging. spoken does not mean that we play status update […]


so I thought I’d change my name on facebook to A.J. Hussein Colianni. Many of my friends have done so in a show of solidarity with Barack Hussein Obama. It seems many people in the Republican Party can’t bear the thought of having a president with a name that doesn’t sound “like everyone elses’” well, […]