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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

wind power

Thomas Friedman’s excellent new op-ed, Flush with Energy, contains this startling stat: Denmark today gets nearly 20 percent of its electricity from wind. America? About 1 percent. What are we doing here? I don’t agree with everything position Obama takes, I think he could be even stronger in his plans to break our addiction to […]

urban life

I sometimes joke that we live in the urban suburb. i love our neighborhood. we can walk to groceries, the bus, restaurants, our local bookstore, coffee shop and movie theatre. However, it is not dense. Not dense in a chicago or new york way. but it’s city living as far as I’m concerned. I’ve also […]

flying cars

as long as doug brought up flying cars, i thought we should follow down that theme for a little while… in your best avery brooks voice, where are the flying cars? it is the year 2000 (and eight), i was promised flying cars! well, maybe in october?, according to autobloggreen

i love mpls

friends who live in the mpls, or those who secretly desire to live here, I just found a new blog. well, new to me. this is why i love minneapolis weird to read a local blog though. besides mainstream media type blogs, i guess i don’t have any in reader. must… have… more… also, to […]

Obama’s Energy Plan

now, I am an obama supporter, and i believe that given our choices, obama is the better direction for the country. but i have some criticisms. in his new energy plan, released yesterday, there is only brief mention of actually getting at the root cause of our energy consumption: Build More Livable and Sustainable Communities Over the long term, we […]

for those not keeping score at home

here’s a little background on McCain’s campaign manager. This link, circa 2006, comes to us from the always excellent talking points memo. John McCain has signed up GOP operative Terry Nelson as his campaign manager — yep, that would be the same Terry Nelson who produced the infamous, racially-charged “bimbo” ad attacking Dem Tennessee Senate […]

the low road

good article examining why mccain has taken the low road. too bad obama is a bit hamstrung on fighting dirty since he has championed a “new kind of politics”.