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high speed rail

We are way behind… “. . .Japan’s zip through the countryside at an average of 180 m.p.h. One difference, of course, is that governments overseas have put big money behind these forms of transit. Spain, for example, plans to invest about $140 billion over the next decade to develop a network of 6,200 miles of […]

Obama Seeks High-Speed Rail System for U.S. –

The government has identified 10 corridors, each from 100 to 600 miles long, with greatest promise for high-speed development. They are: a northern New England line; an Empire line running east to west in New York State; a Keystone corridor running laterally through Pennsylvania; a major Chicago hub network; a southeast network connecting the District […]

It’s full steam ahead on Minnesota rail plans

With $8 billion in federal grants for high-speed rail corridors and intercity passenger rail up for grabs, Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Friday ordered a statewide study to determine the best rail projects for which Minnesota should pursue stimulus funding. via It’s full steam ahead on Minnesota rail plans. I’m pretty sure that this is the […]

High-speed train from Chicago: Next stop, Minneapolis?

With $8 billion in the federal stimulus package devoted to high-speed rail projects, supporters of the long-planned high-speed train from Chicago to St. Paul are scrambling to prepare a proposal strong enough to grab some of that money. via High-speed train from Chicago: Next stop, Minneapolis?. It wasn’t clear to me if this was “High-Speed” […]

next up… Southwest Corridor!

Article today in the Star Tribune — What route is best for Southwest LRT The basic arguments come down to: What’s fastest for suburban commuters, who’s backyard will it run through, and which neighborhoods are we going to connect. My gut reaction in looking at the alignments is that it would be best to curve […]


I filled up my vehicle with BioDiesel Fuel today. A blend probably, since it’s still liable to snow at any time around here. I haven’t filled up since February 22. I drove 550, mostly city, miles. I pumped just under 14 gallons. (40 mpg) The cost per gallon was $3.94. We need to raise the […]

Mixed Use

First off, if you haven’t been reading MinnPost, you’re missing a lot of great stories. But, I do have one problem with this (otherwise excellent) story about the troubles facing condo owners and potential owners. There is a lot of discussion given to mixed-use developments, pointing out that lenders are growing wary of these types […]