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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

Passively Heated Houses

From the outside, there is nothing unusual about the stylish new gray and orange row houses in the Kranichstein District, with wreaths on the doors and Christmas lights twinkling through a freezing drizzle. But these houses are part of a revolution in building design: There are no drafts, no cold tile floors, no snuggling under […]

Starting my Car in the Winter

Starting my car in the winter.Originally uploaded by ajc3 Most conversations about my car go like this: “So that thing is a diesel?”“Yup”“Um, how’s it start in the winter?”“Pretty good.” So, I decided to take a little video. I have an enormous minnesota accent! Do I always have that? Geez. Anyway, enjoy me being a […]

Op-Ed Columnist – The Real Generation X –

Many people will tell Mr. Obama that taxing carbon or gasoline now is a “nonstarter.” Wrong. It is the only starter. It is the game-changer. If you want to know where postponing it has gotten us, visit Detroit. No carbon tax or increased gasoline tax meant that every time the price of gasoline went down […]

Inside a frozen pizza factory

Two factories in the Irish Republic produce more than 150 million frozen pizzas a year. via BBC NEWS | Business | Inside a frozen pizza factory. You have to check out that link and watch the video. Amazing! 150 million pizzas!

The best films of 2008 according to Ebert

In these hard times, you deserve two “best films” lists for the price of one. It is therefore with joy that I list the 20 best films of 2008, in alphabetical order. I am violating the age-old custom that film critics announce the year’s 10 best films, but after years of such lists, I’ve had […]

Next stop: Fast St. Paul-to-Chicago train?

Amtrak ridership in Minnesota continues at a record pace, greasing the rails for high-speed train service between St. Paul and Chicago. via Next stop: Fast St. Paul-to-Chicago train? I love it… greasing the rails. Seriously though, great news! Hopefully rail transit will be part of the new public works projects. I would love to be […]

Ah, Minneapolis

We’ve received tons of messages on facebook the past couple days. It is really awesome to hear from so many friends! Though, one message in particular caught my eye this evening: Minneapolis SnowEmergency added you as a friend on Facebook… Huh? I clicked over to the profile for a look. It’s pretty dang hilarious. Can’t […]