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{ Monthly Archives } January 2004

Missile Defense?

Doesn’t this strike anyone as odd? Am I the only one that feels that this is a huge waste of time and resources? Bush Seeks Big Jump in Missile Defense Spending The administration seeks to boost funding for its controversial missile defense program by 13 percent to $10.2 billion next year from $9 billion requested […]


You know you love it in Minnesota when you look at the weather channel homepage, it says it feels like -46 degrees, and you thought to yourself “It didn’t feel quite that cold on the way into work today.”

We Never Said That!

All I want to know is… what is going to be the “smoking gun” so to speak that will wake up the American public? Earth to Americans! Bush and his cronies lied to you. Repeatedly. The Bush Administration is now saying it never told the public that Iraq was an “imminent” threat, and therefore it […]


This op-ed in the nytimes is along the lines of a previous article I had posted about framing the issues. The Dead Center, have a look! I hope that Mr. Edwards and the others will stay on message รณ and movement. After all, Democrats have seen what the Republican Party has been able to accomplish […]

Happy Belly Part 3

Okay, so for the third time in two days I went to Chipotle for a free burrito, or as it would turn out, three free burritos. You see, by now I had chatted with just about everyone of Chipotle’s employees. When you’ve spent 2 of the past 48 hours simply waiting for a free burrito, […]

Editorial in the New York Times

Bush in Denial An excellent editorial in the New York Times: Rather than addressing the alarming failures of American intelligence, Mr. Bush and his aides have gone from talking about weapons to talking about weapons programs, and then, in the State of the Union address, “weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.” It is time to […]

Some Cool Links

Petition CBS to air this ad during the Super Bowl Musicplasma visual music search Will Orkut be the first social networking site I actually use? That is all for now.