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Not biodiesel’s fault

I knew something was fishy when the bloomington schools canceled school last week because of “biodiesel” when every other school bus in the state uses the same 2% biodiesel. (As mandated by law) And, yep, as it turns out: Citing an independent study, the Minnesota Department of Commerce reiterated today that biodiesel was not the […]

Starting my Car in the Winter

Starting my car in the winter.Originally uploaded by ajc3 Most conversations about my car go like this: “So that thing is a diesel?”“Yup”“Um, how’s it start in the winter?”“Pretty good.” So, I decided to take a little video. I have an enormous minnesota accent! Do I always have that? Geez. Anyway, enjoy me being a […]


I filled up my vehicle with BioDiesel Fuel today. A blend probably, since it’s still liable to snow at any time around here. I haven’t filled up since February 22. I drove 550, mostly city, miles. I pumped just under 14 gallons. (40 mpg) The cost per gallon was $3.94. We need to raise the […]