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One party is the party of progress and the people.

Letters from an American, January 19, 2024 Great post here. I recommend subscribing to this newsletter if you haven’t already.

Adventures in travel

We were dropped off at entrance to St. Paul’s union depot about eight in the morning, despite our awareness that the train was already delayed approximately 45 minutes. As we sat in the cavernous hall, along with a growing number of passengers, I researched the internet for information about the status of the train. Amtrak […]

new party

I wonder if we’ll ever get a new political party out of all the current mess. Fetterman is an interesting case: Fetterman, Breaking With the Left on Israel, Rejects ‘Progressive’ Label “Can’t it be possible that it’s really appropriate to stand for both?” That quote is out out of context – but the sentiment is […]

skiing at Afton Alps today

I just took quick notice of the fact that my climate change-related posts increase dramatically each winter as the warming of the planet is felt here in Minneapolis more than other places in the country. They tell us that it is a “brown” Christmas about 30% of the time for as long as records were […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

As I sit here at my computer, there is so much to be thankful for. My family, friends and neighbors. Our careers and schools. Our city, and state and country. I’m thinking today about the many people in our country who might be celebrating Thanksgiving with much less, or not celebrating at all. And then, […]

Twenty…. one? years of this blog…

I saw a post recently on another long time blog celebrating their twentieth, or possibly twenty-fifth year of writing continuously on their blog. That struck me and I checked on my blog, twenty-one years ago I started this thing. (It was a post about our then puppy, Yeti) I can’t even come close to saying […]

favorite music of 2022

Music My year in music marked a big return to mostly well-known albums and songs. Listening, and relistening to many of my favorites from 2021 and before. I’ve been reflecting on why this is. It might be sign of my getting older? Perhaps I’m listening to new music in Spotify and I don’t know actually […]