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MacWorld SF 2005

I’d be forsaking my identity as an Apple -fanatic if I didn’t give my dedicated readers a quick update on the new products from Apple… Mac mini – It has been shot down by the budget department for the near term, but I hope to someday get one of these to add to my home […]

Wow what a MacWorld Keynote!

That was a pretty wild keynote. You could tell Steve was pretty amped up about it from the beginning. I can’t wait to test out some of the new applications. And I would suggest that everyone download and try out Safari, so far it’s looking pretty good. BTW, this was posted with Kung-Log, I’m testing […]

New App, Keynote

Goodness, they’ve been busy Keynote, presentation app, Steve’s been using it for the last year… Showing “beautiful” typography Alignment guides Very cool Support for alpha channels for graphics… and multiple different graphics file formats… love the shot of the lady in the audience that doesn’t know she’s being filmed


Safari – Apple’s new Web Browser “Fastest browser on the Mac” iBench stats, 5 seconds faster than Chimera, 3 times faster than IE Javascript test, Safari is twice as fast as IE Launches 40% faster. “We wanted to innovate” Google is integrated Sweet! I love google, (and who doesn’t?) Snapback takes you to the top […]