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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

All aboard

This is what I’m talking about! Amtrak Unveils Ambitious Northeast Corridor Plan, But It Would Take 30 Years to be Realized “After months of sitting on the sidelines as states and regional agencies promoted major new high-speed rail investments, Amtrak has finally announced what it hopes to achieve over the next thirty years: A brand-new, […]

The Tea Kettle Movement

The Tea Kettle Movement “how can you take seriously a movement that sat largely silent while the Bush administration launched two wars and a new entitlement, Medicare prescription drugs — while cutting taxes — but is now, suddenly, mad as hell about the deficit and won’t take it anymore from President Obama? Say what? Where […]

more freak outs

Yeah, I’m thinking about politics again… “…the biggest problem in this country is…they’re big babies. I mean, people keep saying they don’t want any tax increases, but they don’t want to have their Medicare cut, they don’t want to have their Medicaid [cut] or they don’t want to have their Social Security touched an inch. […]

thinking of voting republican? here’s another reason not to…

If you think expanding regional high-speed rail is a good thing for the country, then you may want to reconsider voting republican… Republican Wave Could Spell Trouble for High-Speed Rail Projects from Coast to Coast

What is happening?

Two things totally freaking me out: Can a municipal service like a library hold so central a place that it should be entrusted to a profit-driven contractor only as a last resort — and maybe not even then? Anger as a Private Company Takes Over Libraries and… U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap […]

Raising Minimalist Children in a Society of Excess

Raising Minimalist Children in a Society of Excess: “Don’t feel guilty. Modern parents are made to feel as if they are depriving their children of ‘the best’ if they don’t sign them up for every lesson, take them to every movie, or buy them every brain-enhancing toy. Advertising companies are paying billions of dollars to […]

when 1 inch doesn’t equal 1 inch

However, the temple for waisted male self-esteem is Old Navy, where I easily slid into a size 34 pair of the brand’s Dress Pant. Where no other 34s had been hospitable, Old Navy’s fit snugly. The final measurement? Five inches larger than the label. You can eat all the slow-churn ice cream and brats you want, […]