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{ Monthly Archives } April 2005

Absolutely, Power Corrupts

Absolutely, Power Corrupts No, not an article about Tom Delay. (I’m soooo funnny) Mark Teahen is no exception. This odd swing of his — the reason he’s a good hitter but not a power hitter — has a rich provenance. There was nothing to do in Yucaipa except play baseball — or, at any rate, […]

Update on the Deer

It has a name: Buck the Singing Deer Head Yes, that’s right, Buck the Singing Deer Head. I guess they were compelled to point out that it is, in fact, not an entire deer that sings, just the head. Awesome. If anyone at wants to send me a commission, feel free… maybe they are […]

Menards Is Awesome

We were shopping at Menards today. If you are not living within the reach of Menards, it could be thought of as a big hardware, lawn and garden place. Much like Home Depot. Except uniquely Minnesotan. [or at least midwestern] Witness the below pictures: This is just what you need to finish the decorating on […]

Twins Stadium

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Twins, Hennepin County have stadium deal. Under the terms of the plan to be unveiled at a Metrodome press conference Monday, the Twins and the county would build a $360 million, 42,000-seat open-air stadium. The site is near the confluence of Interstate Hwy. 394, the end of the Hiawatha Light Rail line […]

Trying to Live Green

I mentioned in the previous post that I’ll be heading down to the fair grounds for this year’s Living Green Expo. This is something I think about a fair amount… We all drive cars, use energy, do wasteful things, throw away recyclebles, eat cow, etc. There are things you could do… like spend, oh, about […]

Where’s the Juice?

I’ve been gone a little while. After a wonderful vacation for a week and a half, it’s back to work. The daily grind. This was the first vacation I’ve had where one day into it I had a sinking feeling of having forgotten to do something at work before leaving. Two days in I had […]