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Where’s the Juice?

I’ve been gone a little while. After a wonderful vacation for a week and a half, it’s back to work. The daily grind.

This was the first vacation I’ve had where one day into it I had a sinking feeling of having forgotten to do something at work before leaving. Two days in I had emailed back to a co-worker to update a few passwords.

But after getting that out of the way, the vacation was wonderful. My ankle held up as well as I could expect, and I skied without pain for most of it.

After the great week, I thought I might be able to go for a run! The ankle is still a little sore, but I thought it was possible. Three houses away, I was feeling the pain, and by the end of the block I stopped, went back, and grabbed my bike to follow the Juice-ette and Yeti around the lake. The pedaling motion is a far lower impact activity.

Luckily, your local sporting goods store will sell you any number of different ankle braces with different levels of protection, little slip-on neoprene booties all the way up to plastic casts (real comfortable looking).

After trying a few on, and running around Sportmart in my socks, I settled on one of the lace-up boots. It worked well enough to make it over to the lake, down the near side and then almost back to the house. As it breaks-in, I think it will support even better.

The point of this story is that I was feeling like a tremendous slug sitting around, not doing any exercising or anything. If there was some sort of work-out program that involved vacuuming, I would be all over that, but alas, you don’t work up quite the same sweat as you do while running.

So the weather is beautfiul here in minnesota. The air smells wonderful, all the plants are sprouting and budding. Birds, chirping. Kids, playing. If only we had some outdoor baseball!

Things you can look forward to in the next couple weeks as I get back into a routine here…

  • I made an epic ski video from the trip. I will post it here. Ski team buddies will get a kick out of it I’m sure.
  • I’ll be going to the Living Green Expo at the end of April, to find out how I can live green. (Britt, are you going to be there?)
  • Hopefully seeing a concert or two (M.Doughty is coming to town with a new CD out in May)
  • I’ll probably babble on about BioDiesel again soon, much to the chagrin of my shrinking readership.
  • and whatever I feel like, gosh!

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