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{ Monthly Archives } May 2004

File it under, “Reasons not to get an SUV”

Or… Reasons I bought a Golf This article, Big and Bad is quite good, and there are some really interesting things discussed. Jettas are safe because they make their drivers feel unsafe. S.U.V.s are unsafe because they make their drivers feel safe. That feeling of safety isn’t the solution; it’s the problem. Yes, believe it […]


Tune In Tokyo

Hello friends. It has been a while. We have moved. The wheels are in motion. It is raining. Yeti destroyed my lady’s nice white shoes that were to be worn on saturday. Yeti is in the proverbial dog house. I have many pictures, stories and incoherent ramblings stored up inside my head from the past […]

Root, root, root for the home team!

The Twins need an outdoor stadium. We went to a Giants game yesterday. SBC Park is beautiful. The sun was out, a nice breeze blowing out to center. (Where we were) The only problem with the game was that the Marlins walked Bonds 4 TIMES!!!. So much for entertaining the fans. They quoted 41,000 of […]