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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Behind the Bicycle Boom

Behind the Bicycle Boom Great article on biking in Minneapolis. Love it.

family meeting

(Emilia, I am documenting this here so I can share it at some appropriate time in the future) Our first “family meeting” seems to have been moderately successful. Some may laugh at the notion of holding a “family meeting” with a  2 3/4 year old to discuss her recent regression in bedtime routine, but I […]

wilco tiny desk concert

I thought I had the world’s most unique beard, but Tweedy may be my new competition…

I’d jump on that like a clown on a trampoline

keep on digging…

true costs of coal

Surprise, surprise, Coal is dirty, and the full effect of coal is not accounted for in its cost.

my new blackbox laptop case

I just received my Blackbox laptop case for my 15″ MacBook Pro – full disclosure, the company was started by a good friend from college, but I wanted to share a few things about this case that make it pretty awesome. It is lightweight and durable. It’s made out of bamboo, so it is pretty […]