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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

raise it

you have to click through to this article, just for the picture if nothing else: Gas-Tax Holiday = Cheap Votes a gas-tax holiday is the worst idea i have ever heard. it will save you $30. it will create more profits for oil companies (as they raise prices to fill the gap), it will set […]

backwards and forwards

it was a really hard weekend. but in the end, it was good. liz deserved two big memorial services. her life and legacy live on in so many people. the memorial service was overwhelming. so many times i almost had it together only to lose it. matt asked me to tell my story about the […]

everyday is earth day (what was i thinking?)

today is april 24th. on april 23rd, i was upset that i didn’t ride to work. i still hadn’t ridden to work. so on april 24th, i woke up a bit earlier, found my gear, packed my bag, and headed off. five minutes in to the ride, i felt something. rain. ten minutes into the […]


it is hard to not feel small and insignificant in los angeles. flying into the city gives you a vast breathtaking view of the homes and workplaces of millions upon millions of people. it stretches on as far as you can see north and south along the coast. driving on the highways further enhances this […]

Landing in LA

Smog over Downtown, originally uploaded by ajc3. Just arrived at Matt’s safe and sound. He’s in the shower, and Madeline is sleeping so I thought I’d post a quick picture. This was taken out of the window of the plane as we were landing. Downtown LA is barely visible in the smog.

Los Angeles

i’m just about to pack up and head to la to spend the weekend with matt and madeline. i’m going to try some of the fresh fruit this time (didn’t get to last time) and we’re going to check out record store day (thanks in advance anya!) i won’t be able to buy too many […]

brunch for lunch

(i want to start off by noting that 98% of the time, I love the food at my school. there is a wide variety of soups, entries, salads, and desserts. it’s tasty, and it’s free. this post is in no way meant to criticize our food service, which truly does a tremendous job.) however, about […]