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you have to click through to this article, just for the picture if nothing else: Gas-Tax Holiday = Cheap Votes

a gas-tax holiday is the worst idea i have ever heard. it will save you $30. it will create more profits for oil companies (as they raise prices to fill the gap), it will set back important transportation projects across the country, and it will encourage people to drive more, not less, creating more pollution and pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere.

bad bad stupid stupid. we should do the exact opposite. raise the gas tax. raise it by a dollar and dedicate it to transit projects.

encourage people to drive less.

encourage people to drive smaller cars.

encourage people to take transit.

one more reason to not vote for the old politics of John McCain and Hillary Clinton. time for a change. don’t believe me?

It is great to see that we finally have some national unity on energy policy. Unfortunately, the unifying idea is so ridiculous, so unworthy of the people aspiring to lead our nation, it takes your breath away

thomas friedman – “dumb as we wanna be

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  1. AJ,
    My mom forwarded me that editorial last week, Thomas Friedman brings great perspective to this issue (sorry Hillary, you’re wrong, and yes, we will continue to bring it up). Scary though how our country has it all backwards, especially with tax incentives for alternative sources of energy. Hmmm, maybe our elected officials have something to lose by investing in wind and solar… their pocketbooks! Go Obama!

    Anne5/4/2008 @ 8:44 am
  2. My husband and I feel the same way. Let gas go up in prices – sky high for that matter. Maybe THEN Americans will actually consider alternate transportation. People are so attached to their cars – it’s sad.

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