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{ Monthly Archives } September 2005

Pics from Arcade Fire Concert

Here are some pictures I found on flickr from the arcade fire concert. Pictures from chriswarren: arcade fire set

Arcade Fire Concert

Just got back from the Arcade Fire concert at First Avenue tonight. It was an amazing concert. They have 8-12 people up on stage for every song, and they don’t hold back. The crowd was dancing and grooving, singing along to every song. After the show, I played frogger with the moving mass of people […]

The Free Market and Gas Prices

“Americans are happy with the free market when it allows them to buy cheap T-shirts and twenty-nine-dollar DVD players, but they tend to like it less when they have to pay fifty dollars to fill up their gas tanks.” Pump Pressure – The New Yorker I’d be willing to bet money that there is a […]


Hopefully this will be the last site news post for a while, and then I can get back to the fun stuff. If all went well, we didn’t lose anything off the back of the moving van on the way over to our new home. I think my email is working as well. Knock on […]