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{ Monthly Archives } April 2004


Every morning when I drive to work, I pass an bright yellow H2. It is parked, in the driveway. The owner’s brand new house and garage do not accomodate the size of his new vehicle. In the winter when I passed this vehicle, everyday, exhaust billowed out of the tailpipe as the owner warmed it […]

The Tease

Happy hour with George and Dick The president did not mention, but we will remind everyone, that the White House historically has made the commission’s work more difficult. Indeed, if it was up to the White House, the panel would not even exist. The White House opposed the creation of the 9/11 commission in the […]

Karen Hughes

In yet another excellent (and heavily link referenced) article, author Joe Conason examines some recent comments by Karen Hughes. Entitled: Karen Hughes’ high-octane gall, I highly suggest you read it. (blah blah premium ad view) The gripping but brief account of Bush’s training and service ends vaguely, with this sentence: “I continued flying with […]

Living Green Expo

Is anyone going to the Living Green Expo in Minneapolis next weekend? Does anyone from Minneapolis actually read this site? Feel free to add a comment if you have answers to either of those burning questions. I was hoping to go check it out, but time on the weekends is a hot commodity right now. […]


I wonder how this device will compare to the iTrip, for which I wrote a quick review. It’s called the PodFreq from Sonnet. It appears to have a few things going for it that iTrip and other FM transmitters don’t have. An external antenna. External Controls for the frequency I don’t actually have a 3rd […]

Hip Hop

Aside from the title: GOP “playa hatas” this is another excellent article from (and the image of Rush with Andre 3000 is awesome) “Hip-hop transcends race in America,” Chavis adds. “That’s the greatest fear of the right wing: a generation who would dare to transcend racial division and embrace a vision of a new […]

O Canada!

AlterNet: O Canada; Oy Vey United States The U.S. and Canada share a common border and much else. We are alike ethnically and economically. We eat the same foods. We watch the same movies. We speak the same language. But we think and act differently. And this difference has become more and more evident in […]