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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

Here in Orlando. Home of Neon.

My Day at the Orlando Airport, originally uploaded by ajc3. Our flight has been delayed a few times. (See the notes in the photo)

Stuck in Orlando

I’ve been stuck at the Orlando airport for the past 10 hours. On the plus side, they have free wifi. This has led to a number of funny incidents of chatting random people on Bonjour. I’ve also been able to explain to a few people how to log out of Bonjour so they don’t get […]

Pond Hockey

Shot!, originally uploaded by ajc3. From the Pond Hockey Tournament


One of the books I’m reading is The New Urbanism by Peter Katz. Sometimes I tell people that in my next life I’ll be an urban planner, but I think that mostly stems from playing a lot of SimCity. (When I was younger). A passage I recently read stated that one of the things that […]

Wal-Mart is Going Solar

Apparently Wal-Mart put out an RFP for a rather large solar power installation. Maybe they’re serious about this alternative power thing? Tags: energy, environment, walmart

Call first?

I always think it’s weird to call a store, and then show up later asking about the same thing. Especially if you know that there is just one employee there. Does their impression of the man on the phone match your description. Did my guess live up? How many people call asking the same question? […]

Minnesota Energy Challenge

I’m on various City of Minneapolis email lists, and I typically skim them over before sending them to the trash. Today’s update from Mayor Rybak caught my eye, given my earlier post about light bulbs. Maybe he’s a reader? Anyway, from the newsletter: Global climate change can’t be fought in isolation within the borders of […]