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{ Monthly Archives } October 2003

I Rode My Bike To Work Today

Further solidifying my place as one of the stranger people at my place of employment… I rolled up to work today on my mountain bike. I was the only person in the building of about 300 employees that rode to work today. The trip from my garage to work took 14 minutes. This is quite […]

Smart kids, those MIT students…

With Cable TV at M.I.T., Who Needs Napster? So the M.I.T. system, using the analog campus cable system, simply bypasses the Internet and digital distribution, and takes advantage of the relatively less-restrictive licensing that the industry makes available to radio stations and others for the analog transmission. What’s ironic is that prior to this analog […]

Leaves are coming down!

Well, “the weekend of the rake” is fast approaching. As I stood outside this morning when I let Yeti out, I could hear the leaves dropping on the ground like giant snowflakes. The weekend of the rake is fast approaching. We have some additional issues to deal with this year that weren’t a problem the […]

Dean Remolding Democratic Party?

Howard Dean, Elections 2004 and the Democratic Party ( The nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute last week provided some evidence supporting Rosenberg’s view. “What is also different about 2003 is the emergence of a well-financed candidate — Howard Dean — who depends on large donors ($1,000 or more) for only 22 percent of individual contributions and […]

Dumb Managers

Little blew it Joe Torre, on the other hand, knew when to take his starting pitcher out of the game. We could have a Red Sox/Cubs World Series. But thanks to stupid, stupid decisions (indecisions) by both of their managers, we have Yankees, Marlins. Booooooorrrring Why in the world did Prior pitch so deep into […]

Yankees vs. Marlins

Ugh. Damn Yankees. Watch the TV ratings plummet. Cubs vs. Red Sox…. now that’s what I’m talking about.

iTunes for Windows

For all my Windows using friends and relatives out there who I have not yet converted (I’ll get you my pretties), Apple today released iTunes for Windows. iTunes lets you access the world famous iTunes Music Store, where you can download songs for 99 cents each. No monthly fees, burn them to CDs, stick them […]