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{ Monthly Archives } September 2004

Refutation of BRT by an LRT group

Of course, the GAO report I’ve cited before has been roundly criticized by the light-rail advocacy groups. Here is a link to their article, GAO’s “BRT” Report: Errors, Anomalies, Misinformation And a link to an entire page of info about BRT, BRT Analysis One thing will be continually clear as I try to sort this […]

Transit Solutions for 35W

I attended the public meeting and presentation yesterday regarding a proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solution for 35W. I applaud the elected officials who have been working to include a transit solution for 35W. My main conern, which I shared with the group last night, is that BRT is being looked at as the sole […]

BRT vs. LRT Continued

Okay, this took 3 minutes on google: A Review of Bus Rapid Transit Calgary, 2002 (pdf file) Capital and operating cost data indicate that Bus Rapid Transit applications are significantly less expensive to construct than LRT ‚Äì i.e. as little as $0.1 million (Cdn) per kilometre. Due to lower passenger capacities and shorter life expectancy […]

Ethanol, Biodiesel

Also in the Star Tribune today, an article about Gov. Pawlenty’s proposed mandate that the gasoline in Minnesota contain twice as much Ethanol as it does today. This would help reduce our dependence on oil, while at the same time bolstering Minnesota’s corn farmers. Everyone’s favorite critic of progress, Rep. Krinke of Shoreview, has a […]

Busway? Why not LRT?

An article out today in the Star Tribune discusses a study regarding a dedicated busway on 35W to alleviate the traffic situation. While I am in favor of expanding our mass transit options in the city, they are only studying buses. In the face of the overwhelming success of the Hiawatha Light Rail line, in […]


Since I recently updated a bunch of my media purchases, I moved that section up to the top over on the right hand side of the site. I will try to keep up to date with my recent CDs from now on, but sometimes I’m a bit of a slacker. Any purchase that you make […]


Did you know that approximately 13,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq. Having a hard time imagining what it’s like in Iraq right now? Need some assault weapons? Live overseas and you want to vote? Whoops sorry about that! Getting pissed yet? Want to do something about it? Go register.