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Busway? Why not LRT?

An article out today in the Star Tribune discusses a study regarding a dedicated busway on 35W to alleviate the traffic situation.

While I am in favor of expanding our mass transit options in the city, they are only studying buses. In the face of the overwhelming success of the Hiawatha Light Rail line, in which for every period measured ridership has doubled the projections, they are not even considering light rail.

The bus service is the only transit option being considered to alleviate traffic congestion on I-35W south of downtown.

Why? Since they are not studying Light Rail as an option, we have no idea how this would compare in terms of cost.

I don’t have numbers and figures in front of me, but I believe studies in other muncipalities have shown that in the long term, 20-40 years, light rail will be the cleaner, safer and more cost-effective solution. If we are not planning for the long term in this city, what are we planning for?

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