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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009

the new generation of parents

Yes yes yes! It seems as though the newest wave of mothers is saying no to prenatal Beethoven appreciation classes, homework tutors in kindergarten, or moving to a town near their child’s college campus so the darling can more easily have home-cooked meals. (O.K., O.K., many were already saying no, but now they’re doing so […]

The New Socialism

Now we’re trying the same trick with collaborative social technology, applying digital socialism to a growing list of wishes—and occasionally to problems that the free market couldnt solve—to see if it works. So far, the results have been startling. At nearly every turn, the power of sharing, cooperation, collaboration, openness, free pricing, and transparency has […]

bike sharing

The nation’s first large-scale bike share program will be launched in Minneapolis next spring and could become a model for programs in other cities. If all goes well in raising $1.6 million in private matching funds for a $1.75 million federal grant, one thousand bikes will be available at 75 kiosks located primarily in the […]

The Story of Stuff

I just found The Story of Stuff via an article at the New York Times. The video is a cheerful but brutal assessment of how much Americans waste… “Cheerful, but brutal” is a perfect description for this video. I’m too much of a sucker. Technology “stuff” is a major impediment to being more environmentally friendly. […]

I miss my local multinational

Why do I feel a twinge of sadness and longing as the Airbus A320 painted with the colors of Delta Airlines announces its presence in my airspace, the tailfin painted with the greek symbol meaning “change”? I think it’s in the blood of the Minnesotan. I have no reason to love Northwest Airlines, nor reason […]

thought of the day

this is why I love my job. I get to promote things like this: “to compose, and to compose successfully in the 21st century, you have to not only excel at verbal expression and written expression, but you also have to excel in the use and manipulation of images.”

Emerging Fern

taken on the north side of our house.