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the new generation of parents

Yes yes yes!

It seems as though the newest wave of mothers is saying no to prenatal Beethoven appreciation classes, homework tutors in kindergarten, or moving to a town near their child’s college campus so the darling can more easily have home-cooked meals. (O.K., O.K., many were already saying no, but now they’re doing so without the feeling that a good parent would say yes.) Over coffee and out in cyberspace they are gleefully labeling themselves “bad mommies,” pouring out their doubts, their dissatisfaction and their dysfunction, celebrating their own shortcomings in contrast to their older sisters’ cloying perfection.

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  1. I read this on Sunday and really liked it. It’d be great if the over-protective, overly-involved, over-the-top parenting is truly coming to a close. Then we could get back to ’80s-style childhood, when we’d ride bikes for miles and play our summers away without mom and dad breathing down our necks.

    Amy6/2/2009 @ 9:38 am

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