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{ Monthly Archives } April 2007

Proof that Myspace is no longer cool…

More on Comcast

When you try to cancel service, they transfer you to a “retention specialist”. They did not retain.

Focus Groups

Not a day after we watched the PBS Frontline Documentary, The Persuaders (you can watch it online) I received a phone call asking if I would like to be part of a focus group for a local auto dealer. I would be paid $75 for my time. Sounds good! We met on wednesday, in a […]

Ditching Comcast

On Friday, my new DSL modem arrived in the mail. I climbed up on a chair and re-wired the outside Qwest line to my shiny new ActionTec. After a bit of futzing around with my network setup, I pulled the plug on my Comcast cable modem. Back when we signed up for Cable Internet service, […]

The War on Immigrants

NPR ran a series of stories about the War on Drugs recently. The main idea being that the War on Drugs has failed because there has been too much focus on the supply and not enough focus on the demand. They went through a number of different reasons why the focus is on the supply, […]

TGV Breaks Record (353mph)

X-Ray Vision

X-Ray of my shoulder during surgery, originally uploaded by ajc3. This is an X-Ray they took during surgery. I have to admit I was imagining a small little plate with a couple of screws, but as it turns out, it’s quite a bit bigger! Everything was good at my first checkup!