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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

kids these days

with their myfaces and their spacebooks.


the juice-ette says that perhaps I over-reached a bit with my UnitedHealth — death panels comment. Maybe so. I do think it’s preposterous that a private company could theoretically hold in its hands an essential life-saving vaccine and then decide whether or not they were going to offer it to people that have their “health […]

UnitedHealth has death panels too, apparently

“UnitedHealth Group announced Thursday afternoon that it’s going to cover the administration of H1N1 flu vaccines for all its members, regardless of whether their health plan covers immunizations.” (Via MinnPost.) Sounds like there was a death panel meeting at UnitedHealth to determine whether or not people they insure should be allowed to live.

MinnPost – Doctor quits employer coverage, tries to get health insurance on his own

“Dr. Will Nicholson, a family physician in Maplewood, wanted to see what kind of health-insurance experiences many of his patients go though to see him. So last month he elected to drop his employer-provided health-care plan and began an experiment to search for a private insurance plan on his own.” (Via MinnPost.) As he says […]


the world of education is a slow moving beast, but watching the internet devour the newspaper might provide an interesting parallel to what could happen to “education” should we ever really unleash the internet on schools “School was the big thing for a long time. School is tests and credits and notetaking and meeting standards. […]

some levity

“take the health care debate we’re presently having: members of Congress have recessed now so they can go home and ‘listen to their constituents.’ An urge they should resist because their constituents don’t know anything. At a recent town-hall meeting in South Carolina, a man stood up and told his Congressman to ‘keep your government […]

the rise of right-wing rage

The link I found to this article claimed that it was the single most important thing you could read about the health care debate. “Good thing our leaders weren’t so cowardly in 1964, or we would never have passed a civil rights bill — because of complaints over the provisions in it that would enslave […]