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The Web We Lost – Anil Dash

The Web We Lost – Anil Dash: “This isn’t some standard polemic about ‘those stupid walled-garden networks are bad!’ I know that Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and LinkedIn and the rest are great sites, and they give their users a lot of value. They’re amazing achievements, from a pure software perspective. But they’re based […]

Controlling your words

We need to use the Internet itself as social media. Then you won’t have to worry about Facebook putting their finger on the scale.: “Last night I was watching football on one of the big networks. It was a boring game so my mind drifted. I noticed that when they show the name of someone […]

sucky broadband

I’ve blogged before about my internet options and linked to charts showing that Americans pay more money for less bandwidth than just about every other developed nation in the world. Lawrence Lessig makes this point (among others) in this speech at WiscNet Future Technology Conference. The larger context of this speech is the corrupting influence […]

Broadband? Ha!

Qwest finally got its act together in my neighborhood, and we’re enjoying some decent speeds. (12mbps) As nice as it is to have two options for broadband instead of one, we seriously lag our european counterparts when it comes to broadband access. Not only that, but the Verizons, Comcasts and Qwests would have you believe […]

Social isolation

From Study: Internet use won’t cause social isolation | Digital Media – CNET News: I found this interesting (and true, in our case): “Frequent Web users are more likely to communicate with neighbors in person than those who don’t use the Web as often, Pew found. In fact, 61 percent of respondents said that they […]

good news for internet access in my neighborhood

Great news for anyone in hale-page-diamond lake who ready to be done with comcast, and doesn’t find the city wi-fi to be a great option… qwest spent all week at the end of my block laying new fiber for their highest speed internet service. Inexplicably, qwest has been limited to 1.5mbps in my neighborhood. They […]

municipal wifi

the free market is great, except when it’s not. here’s a perfect example: municipal internet. minneapolis is one of a few cities in the country that has rolled out a municipal wifi network. the price is decent, but the I’ve heard nothing good about the reliability. did you know, in stockholm, for example, that 100mbps […]