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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

not like wine

i heard nine inch nails’ “head like a hole” on the current last night. i assume it was a request, it doesn’t strike me as the sort of thing that mark wheat would play. that song did not age well. it kind of sounds like a bad atari game.

Next year

MinnPost – Pat Borzi: Twins won’t win championships without more championship players: “It comes down to this: As a franchise, what do you aspire to be? If ‘world champion’ is your answer, you cannot tolerate or coddle role players who botch bunts, run the bases poorly and miss signs or cutoff men — brainless mistakes […]

top 10

i think minnesotans love being on lists because we feel both proud of our city and generally inadequate next to our big city brothers and sisters like chicago, new york, san francisco, etc. well, the American Planning Association named the Minneapolis Grand Rounds as one of the Top 10 public spaces in the country. The […]

shared experience

the sea of heads quickly turns and bends towards the foul ball. the wave retreats towards the pitcher’s mound with a sound of water rushing over rocks. for a moment, i am dizzy with the feeling of floating in the ocean as the heads bob in unison. later, the first notes of “Don’t Stop Believing” […]

twinkle, twinkle

reason 4,073 that working in a school is awesome: little kids that sing songs in the bathroom to remind themselves of the appropriate amount of time needed to wash their hands. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…”

i’m confused

I’m really confused. Rush is happy that America lost?