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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

meat eaters

The Kindest Cut on Slate is filled with mind-boggling statistics about food production, for example: 35 pounds of manure incurred per pound of saleable beef. and The poultry-broiler industry consumed some 240 billion megajoules of energy in 2005, or the equivalent of 42 million barrels of crude oil. That’s more than the entire country of […]

writing for nonreaders

I’m laughing on the outside and crying on the inside: Instant messaging. Twittering. Facebook updates. These 21st-century literary genres are defining a new “Lost Generation” of minimalists who would much rather watch Lost on their iPhones than toil over long-winded articles and short stories. Students will acquire the tools needed to make their tweets glimmer […]

great quote

I’m catching up on some back posts from 43 folders and I came across a great quote: “Marketing is the tax you pay for being unremarkable” Try applying that quote to yourself. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job of just letting my actions speak for myself, but I’d like to do better. […]

urban chickens

Raising chickens in the city is growing in popularity among those interested in sustainability and keeping chickens as pets. But the venture often proves more difficult than expected. via MinnPost – Urban chicken farming on the rise. I joke about this quite often… I didn’t realize that people actually did it in the city.

Bullet Train

To sell his vision of a high-speed train network to the American public, President Barack Obama this week cited Spain, a country most people dont associate with futuristic bullet trains. via Spains Bullet Train Changes Nation — and Fast – Great article about the progress Spain has made with regards to rail travel. This […]

email ninja

after reading inbox zero over at 43 folders i decided to take some decisive action on my work inbox. i deleted or archived over 1000 messages today. my inbox now stands at 10. in flipping through the pages of emails, it’s amazing how much hits my inbox. i have a few more of the tips […]

municipal wifi

the free market is great, except when it’s not. here’s a perfect example: municipal internet. minneapolis is one of a few cities in the country that has rolled out a municipal wifi network. the price is decent, but the I’ve heard nothing good about the reliability. did you know, in stockholm, for example, that 100mbps […]