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{ Monthly Archives } November 2003

Site Outage

My host forgot to renew my domain name over the weekend, so if anyone had tried to email me over the weekend… i didn’t get it… Sorry about that…


I wish I could say I’m not watching The Bachelorette Wedding right now… but I am. Against my wishes.

Anybody See the Contradiction Here?

From a news item at Forbes, Ineffective Steel Tariffs Now Illegal, Too “The United States should not buckle under pressure from the European Union,” Daniel DiMicco, vice chairman, president and CEO of Nucor and chairman of AISI, said in statement last week. “The steel industry is a test case for problems facing all sectors of […]

Crazy In-depth Review of Panther

The title says it all. If you are not some sort of freak about user-interfaces, this may be way too much. But suffice to say, I ate my soup and read this tonight. It’s strange to have gone from years of uncertainty and vaporware to a steady annual supply of major new operating system releases […]

Paul Krugman on “Flags vs. Dollars”

Paul Krugman writes about Howard Dean’s confederate flag “quote” from last week… Flags Versus Dollars Howard Dean’s remarks about the need to appeal to white Southerners could certainly have been better phrased. But his rivals for the Democratic nomination should be ashamed of their reaction. They know what he was trying to say รณ and […]

Amtrak – Business/Finance – All Aboard Amtrak 11/04/03 Ridership on Amtrak totaled more than 24 million passengers in fiscal 2003, which ended Sept. 30. It was the highest annual ridership experienced by the nation’s intercity passenger rail service in its 32-year history. America still needs a better inter-city rail system. There is obviously a market […]

Matrix Revolutions

I saw the Matrix last night. I will refrain from posting any sort of review or thoughts until the weekend so I don’t blow it for anyone…