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Adventures in travel

We were dropped off at entrance to St. Paul’s union depot about eight in the morning, despite our awareness that the train was already delayed approximately 45 minutes. As we sat in the cavernous hall, along with a growing number of passengers, I researched the internet for information about the status of the train. Amtrak […]

National Passenger Rail

This post is pretty much spot on: Amtrak should build a good train: Amtrak released their new vision for passenger rail expansion in the United States, and I don’t really know what to say except that it sucks. They’re proposing incremental expansion of a national network of slow, infrequent trains that I guess will serve […]

Make Blue America Great Again

Matthew Yglesias has a new blog, Slow Boring, and the first posts I’ve read have been great. I love a hefty dose of commuter rail discussions any day of the week. Check it out! Progressive politics needs ambition Now I hear you saying, “wait wait this started with talking about how we should build social […]

What a well-funded passenger rail system could look like in the Midwest under “Amtrak Joe”

What a well-funded passenger rail system could look like in the Midwest under “Amtrak Joe”: There’s little doubt that one of President-elect Biden’s favorite federal programs is Amtrak, America’s 50-year-old, subpar rail system. While I am very excited that Joe Biden is not Donald Trump – his overall platform is pretty moderate. However, he is […]

All aboard

This is what I’m talking about! Amtrak Unveils Ambitious Northeast Corridor Plan, But It Would Take 30 Years to be Realized “After months of sitting on the sidelines as states and regional agencies promoted major new high-speed rail investments, Amtrak has finally announced what it hopes to achieve over the next thirty years: A brand-new, […]

thinking of voting republican? here’s another reason not to…

If you think expanding regional high-speed rail is a good thing for the country, then you may want to reconsider voting republican… Republican Wave Could Spell Trouble for High-Speed Rail Projects from Coast to Coast

high speed rail

We are way behind… “. . .Japan’s zip through the countryside at an average of 180 m.p.h. One difference, of course, is that governments overseas have put big money behind these forms of transit. Spain, for example, plans to invest about $140 billion over the next decade to develop a network of 6,200 miles of […]