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{ Monthly Archives } December 2005

Your tax dollars at work

Everyone has those favorite examples of ‘your tax dollars at work’. Those silly little things that our elected officials find time to do when they should be figuring out other things. Such as: The war in Iraq The environment The budget Well, here’s my favorite new example. It’s barney cam (realplayer). Oh my goodness. Watch […]


My long-time readers of this site will have noticed a decrease in the amount of activity on this site in the past 6 months. I started a new job this summer, and for a variety of reasons, posting to my site has been pushed lower and lower on the priority scale. Time, obviously, has been […]

The iDJ

Coolest iPod accessory ever. The Ion iDJ. How sweet is that? I could really get my DJ’ing career off the ground with one of these things.

TIES Conference

This is all very meta, but I figured since I’m at a workshop about weblogs and wikis, I thought I’d add a little post here to my site. Hello Minneapolis! Our presenter today is Tim Wilson from Hopkins…