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The case for meat eating

I get a fair amount of my internet oddities and goodness from — you should check him out. And this recent post of a post about meat eating is very interesting… From the Guardian, a review of a book called Meat: A Benign Extravagance by Simon Fairlie. In it, Fairlie argues that meat production […]

meat eaters

The Kindest Cut on Slate is filled with mind-boggling statistics about food production, for example: 35 pounds of manure incurred per pound of saleable beef. and The poultry-broiler industry consumed some 240 billion megajoules of energy in 2005, or the equivalent of 42 million barrels of crude oil. That’s more than the entire country of […]

the weekend’s meat list

friday dinner – hamburger with bacon saturday breakfast – nothing saturday lunch – hamburger with bacon saturday afternoon – beef jerky saturday early evening – beef jerky saturday dinner – steak, bratwurst patty saturday after dinner snack – beef jerky saturday pre-storm snack – bratwurst patty sunday breakfast – chorizo (and eggs) sunday brunch – […]

brunch for lunch

(i want to start off by noting that 98% of the time, I love the food at my school. there is a wide variety of soups, entries, salads, and desserts. it’s tasty, and it’s free. this post is in no way meant to criticize our food service, which truly does a tremendous job.) however, about […]