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{ Monthly Archives } January 2003

Saddam is a bad man

I feel I should clarify my position on the whole Iraq war, President Bush thing. At least for myself, because it’s confusing just thinking about it. I have no doubt that Saddam is a bad person, evil even. I am sure that he has researched, and used chemical weapons. I think there is evidence of […]

USA Oui! Bush Non!

To be genuinely anti-American, as the Italian political scientist Robert Toscano points out, is to disapprove of the United States “for what it is, rather than what it does.” I am definately not anti-American. But I sure disagree with how we conduct ourselves in the larger world. There is only one person I respect in […]

Day 2

The sky was clear and the roads were fast for our trip to welch village today. 85 miles round trip, and smiles were on our faces as we carved up the turns leading down to welch. (and then we carved up some turns at Welch!) I washed him up afterwards, since I had to show […]

Floppy Ears!

If her ears get any bigger, she may start flying around if she runs fast enough!

New Car!

Well, some of you may have been wondering what the big news was. We’re not having a baby. But we did get a new car. It’s the culmination of about 3 years of research, followed by a frantic week of the old explorer dying (more or less) and me searching the 7-state area for a […]

“America is trapped in a fortress of arrognace and ignorance.”

The U.S. Needs To Open Up To the World. It’s been a slow week on the old website here… busy on the homefront… I’ll have a big update for the weekend…

Rendering Issues

By the way, there were two quotes in the last post, however, Safari and IE both seem to not want to use my quote tag, and in Chimera, the quote works, but the rest of the site is screwed up. (Looks pretty funky in IE as well) I’ve got some work to do on it..