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{ Monthly Archives } February 2004

People of Rochester, Learn to Drive, Please

I’m not sure if I have ranted about this before, but if I could make one request of the people of Rochester, it would be this: When approaching a 4-way stop, and there are other cars around, please come to a full and complete stop. If you are making a left hand turn, you are […]


Another excellent article from Arianna Huffington at So Justin exposing Janet’s boob is a sin, but White House staffers exposing Valerie Plame is a win. Profiting from porno is a sin, but Halliburton’s wartime profiteering is a win. Two men getting hitched is a sin, but Cheney and Scalia shacking up in a duck […]

Ahh to be a high schooler again.

[1:11] Me: Little Bro [1:11] Me: no school? [1:11] LittleBro: aj [1:11] LittleBro: nope [1:11] LittleBro: presidents day [1:11] Me: oh yeah [1:11] Me: i have to work [1:12] LittleBro: thats too bad [1:12] Me: yeah what have you been doing all day? [1:12] LittleBro: i woke up 30 minutes ago [1:12] Me: are you […]

Sunset at Quarry Hill

Snow Shoeing the Other Night

Click the Continue Reading.. to see the big picture and description… Still working on this new NetPBM thing… the layout on the Continue Reading page is a little messed up…

Your Guest Appearance on South Park

You know you’ve always wanted to be on South Park. How would you look? Create your very own south park character! Here’s me and my lovely lady:

Bizarro World

Are we living in some sort of bizarro world where conservative pundits now are critical of President Bush? Yahoo! News – Pundit O’Reilly Now Skeptical About Bush “I was wrong. I am not pleased about it at all and I think all Americans should be concerned about this,” O’Reilly said in an interview with ABC’s […]