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10 Steps to Not Getting Hacked

This is a great list of things, pretty similar to what I wrote about (and better written, as well) The complete guide to not being that idiot who got the company hacked – Quartz “Every week there are headlines about a company getting its email, website, Twitter accounts or something else hacked. The reason? In […]

Adding a Little Bit of Security to your Computing Environment

Revelations about the NSA’s practices continue to be released, and each additional leak is more and more disturbing to me. It’s not disturbing to me in the sense that I have secrets that I need to hide from the government. Rather, I think it serves as a big wake up call about how a democracy […]

this is pretty intense

“If a company has significant intellectual property that the Chinese and Russians are interested in, and you go over there with mobile devices, your devices will get penetrated,” said Joel F. Brenner, formerly the top counterintelligence official in the office of the director of national intelligence. Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery – […]